Word Cleaner

Word Cleaner 7.5

Word Cleaner enables you to automatically batch convert Word files

Word Cleaner is a tool for converting text based files to html, xhtml, txt, csv & epub. It can also convert html files to text files. It is very simple to use and has a lot of preset templates that are designed to handle the most common conversion needs.

The main window has a very good and simple design with most of its functions organized like in Word, in the top area of the program. Word Cleaner is a stand-alone tool, meaning that you don't need Word or any other text file reading software in order to use it. When you first start the program you're automatically sent to the Quick start guide which explains most of its functions very well.

To convert a file, or a set of files you should add them into the program and you also have to select a conversion template. If you hold the mouse arrow over a certain template, a more thorough explanation of it will appear. If none of the preset templates are good for your specific problem, you can create your own and save it for further use. In the template creation area you can choose a converting format, you can choose between 3 conversion engines and you can also add a small description of it if you wish. The 3 conversion engines are explained very well in a picture which shows the differences between them. After this you have a lot of template customization like deleting tags and attributes, or removing all formatting and you also have a special section for "Find And Replace/Delete" among others.

The program can also be used to convert HTML files to text files which I found very helpful if you want to copy something from a website from which you cannot select the text to copy-paste it in the classic way. Word Cleaner is very good at this since all you have to do is to save the website page as a html file and convert it using the program. A template dedicated for this already exists making the conversion really fast and easy.

Dennis Niels
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  • Simple to use
  • Many Templates
  • The option to create your own template
  • A simple editor


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